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Cartoon is a cinema genre beloved and familiar to everyone from childhood. Kids around the world enjoy watching cartoons about the adventures of funny characters. Adults also sometimes do not mind reviewing cartoon stories to recall childhood.
On our site, both adults and children can watch domestic and foreign cartoons in good quality.

Features of the genre

At the heart of the cartoon is a frame-by-frame sketch. This creates the illusion of a moving image. Still pictures replace each other with a certain frequency. By the method of creation, these types of animation are distinguished:

  • puppet

  • hand-drawn

  • plasticine

  • computer

  • sand

Did you know that the first attempts to capture the movement in the drawing were in ancient times, and the first simple animation appeared in the 19th century? As a result of the development of this idea, a cinema camera was invented, and later this laid the foundation for the creation of cinema!

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Клетки за работой: Тёмная сторона
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